Specialty Treatments

Availability for the following treatments varies. Please inquire with Riverstone Spa reception.

  • Meeting of the Hands Tandem Massage

    Powerful and tranquil like the meeting of two mighty rivers, this massage is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You’ll begin your treatment on a heated massage bed and the four hands of two massage therapists will release your tensions and relax your mind, body and spirit.

    50 minutes – $230.00

  • Riverstone Signature Indigenous Hot Stone Massage

    Purify and strengthen your mind, body and spirit with this unique massage that incorporates Aboriginal traditions. This treatment cannot be received if you are pregnant.

    80 minutes – $190.00

  • Jade Stone Experience

    Ancient nephrite jade stones are known for their use in deep therapeutic massage. This hot and cold stone massage will work to increase your circulation, energize your body, boost your immune system and improve your overall sense of well-being. As you relax, you’ll enjoy a Dien Chan facial reflexology treatment. This treatment cannot be received if you are pregnant.

    75 minutes – $170.00

  • Chakra Balancing Massage

    An ancient therapy that will align the seven energy centres of your body for a vitalized physique and self-consciousness. This treatment incorporates both massage and chakra balancing, maximizing your energy flow and improving your physical, spiritual and mental well being.

    80 minutes – $140.00

  • New Customized Energy Work

    your treatment will begin with a consultation to set an intention auditing your healing priorities. You higher self will guide our experienced practitioner to create a treatment customized for you

    80 minutes – $145.00

  • Reiki

    Defined as Universal Life Force Energy, Reiki is a hands on holistic technique for relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki healing is a pure energy form which gently and powerfully promotes balance of body, mind and spirit.

    50 minutes – $85.00

  • Reflexology

    For centuries, reflexology has been practiced around the world to relieve a variety of ailments and conditions. Our reflexologist will massage and caress specific pressure points on your feet that are linked to your body’s organs. Your treatment will be further enhanced by the use of toe stones.

    80 Minute service includes feet, hand, ears, Dien Chan facial reflexology and paraffin

    50 minutes (Feet) – $85.0080 minutes (Feet, Hands, Ears, Face) – $130.00